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SmartLF Ci 40
  • Creates sharp, accurate scans especially suited to technical documents like CAD drawings, blueprints, maps etc.
  • Unique single roller paper transport and bright 2D LED illumination means that even folded documents scan sharp and shadow free.
  • 600 dpi optical resolution - more than enough for any technical scanning job.
  • Ready for use within seconds of power on - no warm-up, no waiting. Switch off when not in   use
  • Fast 10 ips mono and 3.3 ips color scanning.
  • Network ready - use fast Gigabit Ethernet connectivity or Plug'n'Play USB2.
  • Preserves delicate originals - even scans newspaper!


SmartLF CX 40
  • Innovative large format scanner design utilising high quality Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology to provide 600 dpi optical resolution (25,500 pixels, RGB triplets) and 40" image width.
  • All SmartLF Cx 40 wide format scanners capture monochrome at high speed with very sharp, clean black and white images and finely rendered grayscale reproduction.
  • Two color models offer a choice of fast or express scan speed; both come with Colortrac best-in-class CIS color image quality - built in.
  • SmartLF Cx 40 large format scanners are supplied complete with SmartLF "ready-to-run" Scan / Copy / Email software and internet upgrade server.
SmartLF GX+42
  • Unique 2D LED illumination system - instant-on, long-life, no fluorescent tubes
  • Full high definition (HD) 1200 dpi optical CCD resolution - the highest on the market
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified - uses 30% less power and 94% less when idle - cuts costs
  • High productivity - scan E size / A0 documents FAST at 12ips @ 200dpi mono and 4ips color
  • Optional ScanWorks software offers outstanding "scan once interactive 2D image restoration"
  • 42" image width, 46" document width - ideal for A0, E and architectural E size document scanning
  • Combines faithful 48-bit color graphics capture with crisp, sharp line definition for maximum capability
  • Motorized thick media option for board mounted originals up to 0.8"/20mm in Gx+ T42
  • Network-ready - Gigabit Ethernet connectivity using unlimited LAN cable length
  • Easy configuration with Plug and Play high speed USB 2.0 connection
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